The search for truth in numbers?

Does anyone remember Louis Farrakan's Million March Speech? Or was that anomaly of bizarre human behavior reserved mostly for residents of DC at the time? The reason I ask is because it is a curious endeavor to play with numbers. One can always come up with something that seems to make some kind of relevant sense to their lives by massaging their favorites in simple arithmetic. Everyone knows the Bible is laden with number play and most people except its un-explicit meaning as somewhat meaningful in some way. Is there a science that can DISPUTE any underlining truthiness of the mantra of calculations that are almost compulsively symbolized in most religions as nonsense? 

Civility Lives!

Today I experienced humanity in a completely different way than I am used to - in fact far and away from what I am used to on most days. I've seen and experienced a lot of different situations in my life and at my age they start to just fall into place like clock work; one no different from the last, same old same old, people are people. What could have been a disaster for me turned into the one of the most eye opening "Wow!" moments involving humans I think I have ever had. I would hate to use the cliche, "renewed faith in humanity", as I am not sure I ever had any full faith conviction in humanity. Today was light, the showing, the reveal, divine.

So let me get to the point. Fisher and I went to The Gulfport Gecko Festival which was an oddball motley of things for kids, food, art and live performances. In all the years I lived in Tampa, I have never been to downtown Gulfport which is between St. Petersburg and the Pass-a-Grill/St. Pete Beach. It was actually a very interesting place which reminded me of my prized home (Philly) artsy fartsy nook called New Hope, PA.

Fisher loves fried fish and we found a real British woman selling authentic Fish-n-Chips - it was the real deal - just like street food in London. As I was cleaning up our lunch, which we ate watching three highly intoxicated men attempting Buffet covers, Fisher slipped off a curb and really scraped his knee pretty badly and he was bleeding. I dove into his diaper bag and got wipes and started wiping his knee and getting it clean. Food went everywhere, things flew out of the bag, Fisher is screaming, a scene, the whole 9 yards. My tough little man sucked it up after about a minute (his knee was still bleeding though and I decided we were done - it was like 95 - and even with 2 coats of 50 SPF, he looked like he was getting burned. So I cleaned up in a hurry, got him in his stroller and off we went back to the car.

I get to the car and start looking for the keys - which have my car keys and fob, my house keys, and my new electronic device to get into work - GONE!

Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit. Fly back with Fisher to place we had lunch - nothing. Retrace all steps. Search bag again and again and again. Make another whole round of the entire carnival. Nothing. Go back to the car. Nothing.


I asked many booths if anyone handed in keys and no. I asked at the Gulf Port Chamber Booth and the lady there hadn't had anyone turn in keys but she directed me to the MC of one of the band stations. And here my friends is when my religious experience begins.

This man, about 50, wearing a straw hat made an announcement on the PA system. He then took Fisher and me back to the Chamber booth. He took me to central command and spoke to everyone there. He stopped several "officials" on the walk as well. He also got us waters which seemed to appear out of thin air. All the while he was talking to Fisher. He got a call on his cell phone from the Chamber. We went back to the Chamber booth and they said that keys were turned in but one of the Chamber members left with them - she is like 80 and accidently took them home with her they thought. The man then left me with the Chamber, I thanked him profusely. The Chamber ladies stopped everything they were doing and called the old lady but she didn't answer. A man named Glen, a Chamber person got on his bike and road to the old lady's house and woke her up. He called back on his cell and told the ladies that she had given them to the police. They called the police and requested an officer to come deliver them. All the while, I am not even sure if they are my keys. They then got us waters, set up an area in their booth which was shaded, helped me change Fisher, held and played with Fisher, calmed me down. They went and grabbed a clown and had him come over and he made Fisher balloons. They asked me what I do, where I live, if I have ever been to Gulf Port, they showed genuine interest in me. In the mean time some time had gone by and Glen got on his bike to ride to the police station. About 15 minutes later another lady asked me (thinking I worked for the Chamber) if I had seen any Keys. I said, "Guess what?, I lost my keys too!" I did remember that there were lost keys at one of the band stands (which were not mine and told her to check there). She came back with her keys and told me she had a Platinum AAA card and would call them and she gets one free car lock out break in. She also said she would take me home if need be. On that note, a Chamber woman told me they have cottages and BandBs and they would pay for me to stay there if need be as well. Unreal!

At that moment an officer walked up and said to me, "Are these your keys?" They were. I welled up in emotion and got tears in my eyes. I hugged all the ladies, thanked the lady who lost her keys for her kindness and also at that exact moment, Glen pulled up on his bike, soaking wet in sweat. I shook his hand. At this point the cop was holding Fisher and just messing around with him. At that point I was seriously questioning if I was dreaming or perhaps someone dropped several tabs of acid in my water earlier in the day. 

I am sure having my little angel bear with me helped a great deal, but still. I don't know if this is everyone's normal experience with people, or perhaps Gulf Port is one special hidden gem of a place. I don't know. I don't know what happened today, but it has forever changed me. I feel like I have been passed a torch, a light, and now I am certain that I will be faced with a situation where it will be my responsibility to go the extra, extra mile to help someone in dire straights in the not to distant future.

I also want to thank Jenny who was in Palm Coast; I called her several times and her reminder of our faith and calming words helped guide me positively.

So if you are ever in the area and want to see a funky little town with some neat little restaurants and some really fine people, take a day trip to Gulfport, FL.  


New Job - Yippeeee!!!!

Well, I started my new job and it is fantastic. Exactly what I want to be doing!!! You should see this place! I mean talking about a marketer's and graphic designer's fantasy land, this is it! Not only do I get to see and learn all about how the REAL stuff is made - this isn't Vistaprint folks, these are the Big Boys. They pop out miles and miles of labels and forms and tons of plastic cards every day. You should see the storage area for one month's supply of paper - it would blow your mind!

Anyway, here is where I work:

I am so excited about my job and looking forward to producing a lot of great stuff for this company.....c'mon economy - I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....Chooo Chooooo 

And the Fun Begins!

Great Business and Marketing Insights

Interesting Points!
Nice Union/Intersection Chart for SMOers

From Mommy - A few words about my monkey....

So, my little Fisher has been inhabiting the earth for almost 18 months now - the course of which seems to have passed both at the speed of light and in slow motion at the same time. On one hand, I cannot even remember my life before him and cannot imagine what my life would be like without him - so in that sense, it seems like he's been a part of my life forever!! On the other hand, I cannot believe that this once worm, then teddy bear, now monkey is already talking to me, working me over, tricking me, putting on shows for me, and showing me love like he learned it from Jesus himself. 

He literally went from a little grunting squealing monkey last month to a little jabber-mouth monkey this week. He's got a whole arsenal of words that he loves to throw around. "Hi," said in the sweetest way like "hiiiiiieeee" usually while peeking his head around the corner of a chair, table, wall, door - whatever - he's sneaking up on me when he says it and thinks he's a sly guy. Then he has his more casual, "Hey," which he says like a big New York mafia dude - it's quick, it's sharp, it's "Hey!" "Bubble" or as Fisher pronounces it, "buh BAH" - we love to blow bubbles - note to moms, the Gymboree bubble kit is the BEST!!! It produces mega amounts of bubbles that are really hard to pop, and the apparatus used to blow the bubbles can do both tiny bubbles and big, big ones - hours of pleasure!! He can say "Killian," which sounds like "key E EEN," our chocolate lab - or as Fisher thinks of him, his own personal real-live stuffed animal. "Gox" with a hard G sound = "Socks" which he loves for me to take off and put on and take off and put on and take off and put on and so on until one hour has passed or I manage to distract him with something else, such as his Crocs, which he pronounces PERFECTLY as-is! They are his fave shoes and he likes to wear them with gox, which is a trend he's trying to bring from the 90+ crowd into the toddler scene. 

Quite possibly his favorite word is "MORE." In fact, I think I've heard this word at least a million times this month alone! Pronounced "Muh," and usually said like this, "MUH MUH MUH MUH" for example, I just fed keyEeen all my food (he looked really hungry) and now I need muh muh muh for myself! "My" = "mine, myself, me, I" or anything in the first person. Usually heard while I'm drinking my own piping hot cup of coffee, Fisher says "my?"....the test - no, it's not yours, it's Mommy's. He then turns to the brand new glossy fashion magazine on the coffee table - "My!?" Nope, that's mommy's too. Que the throwing of his body down on the floor, face down and sobbing for super-dramatic scene that you might expect to see from someone who just lost their best friend in a freak accident. And I try really hard not to laugh, but I have to say it is quite entertaining...keeps me chuckling for days! "Hot" is another favorite of Fisher's - when I'm cooking his dinner, it's "ha ha ha," or when he walks outside into the steamy weather it's "ha ha ha." Only when he whispers the word will it come out correctly, "hot" ever so slow and quiet as his little breath comes out of his tiny little lips - I almost come to tears when he whispers, "hot" - with a hard and perfectly pronounced T, like he's trying out the word to see how it sounds before he goes full force with it. Not to be confused with "hat" which he also pronounces "ha" so you really have to pay attention to the context clues for that one!! "Juice" is pronounced like the french - "au jus" - very french, screams freedom!! 

Occasionally we'll get the pleasure of his sign language when we are completely clueless as to what he's saying. Quite honestly most of the time he's jabbering it just sounds like a monkey in the zoo "ooohh ooohh aaah aaaah eeeee eeee EEEEE." But he says it with passion and conviction, and one can certainly tell that he is truly saying the guesswork can be interesting. When we've failed at guessing over and over, he'll pull out his sign language. On Sunday as Matt and I plowed through our food watching Wimbledon, Fisher woke up from his nap and started with the "eeeeee eeeeee EEEEEEE" and "muh muh muh muh muh," and as we're watching the monkey show - he's doing this in front of the TV so we have no other option but to give him our full attention, we realize that he's serious about telling us something. It literally looks like he's a politician on a podium he's that serious about what he has to say! So he puts his pudgy little grubber (I call his hands grubbers) in front of his mouth and wiggles all of his little vienna sausages (I call his fingers vienna sausages!) in front of his mouth as if he's pretending to put food into his mouth. Ahhh haa!! EAT!! He's hungry, time to fix him some lunch. 

Fisher is my snuggly little bear who has the most beautiful hair (I know now what angel hair is) and perfect features, big blue eyes that are almost purple, fat thighs, dimples on his cheeks, dimples above his butt, dimples in his elbows, knees, at the base of each finger. He's my little dough ball and I love him. He gives me so many hugs and loves - the kisses he's stingy with but when they do come (once per week if lucky) they are the real deal - there is no half-assing anything from this kid - grabs my face with both hands, opens his mouth and goes for it full throttle on the lips. It's slimy and grubby but I take what I can get! He loves his teddy and his animals and his Killian. He even hugs the phone and his cheap plastic toys from China. He's filled with love and I just hope that sticks with him throughout his life - I'm trying my best to preserve that part of him. The coolest thing about him though is that even though he's really sensitive and loving, he's SUCH a boy - he likes to be outside, digging in dirt, touching bugs and dead frogs, playing sports - the kid can throw a ball and even make a basket with a full size basketball (not a full height hoop, though!), he flirts like a teenager and has the ladies wrapped around his little finger. He tackles and wrestles, he lives life to the fullest and he takes major risks and then takes major spills but doesn't even cry about them. He swims in the ocean with me - meeting each salty wave that hits his face with pure joy and as he's coughing up the water he just drank down, he's smiling - much like the smile in this picture. This is my Fisher; he's quite possibly the perfect little man, and I'm raising him, and I feel really proud.

Chart Candy
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Happy Independence Day
Father's Day
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Fisher Father's Day
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A Twitter from the US to Iran

Is President Obama going to blow his first major international crises-opportunity? Its generally been the policy of the US to wait and let the people of of Iran determine their own destiny whilst always hoping for a revolutionary uprising to topple the extremist regime. The stage is set, ready set go... This is it, the big show and yet it seems that the US is just whatevering through on an opportunity for another democracy in the Middle East to take form and function yet without a single US soldier present. If the people of Iran don't feel that they are being backed up by the West, that we "have their backs", this current force will lose steam and be extinguished as fast as it rooted. Sure the world is Twittering their thoughts and hopes. But from the US State Department and from the President all I hear is a tweet.